Crystal Inspired Soap

Winter has always been a season that sparks creativity in me. I suppose it is due to the fact that everything outdoors is brown, gray and drab, and i crave color as well well as aromas that remind me of warmer months.

I spend much of my time creating bath and body products to sell in my shop as well as my online . I so enjoy creating things that engage all senses. 

Here are a few soaps i have created lately based on my love of stones, gems and crystals.

I made this soap woth a clear olive oil soap and embeded scraps from various soaps i made last week, then hand carved them into crystal shapes. Infused with smoked patchouli. 

I again used an olive oil base and mixed my colors using natural dye. I layered the colors in a silicone mold and took my swirl tool to create natural imperfections between the layers. I imfused the soap with vanilla and rosewood oils.

Again, using an olive oil base i embeded pieces of cit soap scraps into the clear base. I infused tgis one with an essential oil blend of ylang ylang, rose and vanilla.

Each soap is created to assist in bringing balance and enjoyed during bathtime as part of a bathing ritual and meditation.

Cleansing-Heal the Soul, Heal the Body

Over the course of the past 2 years I’ve been in the process of a deep, inner cleansing and purging. Layer upon layer old beliefs and outdated paradigms were removed and replaced with truth. By truth I refer to those core beliefs that are discovered as we strip away lies. The journey ‘home’ in essence is a journey back to our true, authentic selves. Once we begin implementing these ‘keys’ we unlock doors to unknown opportunities. Now comes the fun part, albeit a bit scary at times 😉 
This process involves tapping into and accepting our emotions. We bring them to the surface and allow ourselves to feel them in their entirety without judging them. Being that our emotions are stored in our bodies this process can leave us feeling physically weak and somewhat unbalanced.  

So now begins the process of restoring my body back to balance, back to health. A good place to start is with a gentle cleanse. Being a tea master, it makes sense to me to begin this week with a gentle, cleansing tea.
I have put together an Ayurvedic inspired blend of organic tea and purifying herbs that also happens to be delicious and extremely gentle, while effectively way bringing regularity to the body’s natural cleansing process. This blend has been masterfully crafted to bring clarity and balance inside and out. It contains Organic Green Tea, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Senna, Organic Fennel, Organic Cacao, and Organic Pomegranate. 
I will eliminate sugar and eat only clean, fresh foods. I will be adding this blend to my website this week
I will also continue taking essential oil infused salt baths. I begin this bathing ritual with a quick shower, I then add about a cup of my custom bath salt blend to the tub and soak for as long as I feel necessary. I follow my bath with a cool shower. This is both energizing and restorative. Also extremely beneficial in removing negative energy from the aura, which is vital for those of us who are empaths.

I will continue with my morning yoga and meditation. My body is not quite ready for vigorous exercise yet, but I do indulge in a daily walk in the woods which offers grounding and creates a space to practice mindfulness. If the weather cooperates I walk barefoot to really tap into the Earths energies.
Baby steps! When your body has experienced healing from trauma it must be restored little by little as we regain our strength.