A Day in the Life of a Death Midwife

I spent my day listening to stories by an old Appalachian mountain storyteller, her riveting tales keeping me on the edge of my seat.

I conducted storycorps pre-interviews for a Legacy Project.

I collected colorful maple leaves🍁 with a newly widowed woman with Alzheimer’s, watching her face light up with childlike wonder upon each and every newly found leaf.
She then happily handed them out to others, small tokens of love and affection.

I sat with a dying woman and her family, being fully present as she peacefully drifted deeper into sleep, her time drawing closer, experiencing bits and pieces of both worlds.

Lastly, I tried my best to comfort and console a woman who is terrified and alone, with no living relatives. I was not too successful I’m afraid, I will try again to reach her during my next visit.

Each and every human being handles death and the dying process in their own unique way, the dying process just as unpredictable as each and every birthing process.

People generally die in the same way they have lived.

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