What you Seek is Seeking You

I was thinking on one of my favorite Rumi quotes this morning,

“What you seek is seeking you.”

This short quote is so powerful! My interpretation is as follows.

The lens through which we view the world, is how things show up in our world. If we see the world as a harsh place, full of injustice and hatred, we will become keenly more aware of such things, our thoughts and energy become fixated on such things and that is what shows up in our world.

Whatever we focus on continually, presents itself in the world around us.

I have tested this with small things first. I set the intention that I will see a pink car for example, and focus on that, and bam! Suddenly I am seeing pink cars.

It isn’t magic, or something outside of myself creating that. It is where my thoughts and attention were, and suddenly it showed up.

Likewise if we see ourselves as victims of life’s circumstances, victims of our pasts, powerless in the face of life’s challenges, weak, too wounded, broken, etc. and we continually focus on what we lack and what we are not, then we keep ourselves in that place of powerlessness, we remain victims to life’s injustices, and we subconsciously seek evidence in alignment with those beliefs in our outside world, and guess what? The evidence always presents itself.

What we seek is seeking us….

When we can acknowledge our suffering and pain without constantly attaching meaning, it just is….yet consciously choose a different thought that is in alignment with what we desire we become more aware of the good around us, and we tend to draw good, and beautiful things into our world.

The only meaning anything that shows up in our lives has, is the meaning we attach to it based on our often times faulty perceptions.

Both require the same amount of effort, the same amount of mental energy.

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