Eventually you’ve Got to JUMP

The theme of my life over the past year:

I have been through years of therapy, have done some deep healing work, and healed some major core wounds.
Now it is time for me to reprogram those old beliefs and actually live what i’ve learned. At some point one must take the leap into the new person they have become through all the hard work.
This does not mean I no longer struggle and I am happy and positive 24/7. It means i consciously choose to create a new story, as opposed to slipping back into the old and analyzing each and every thought and emotion to death, qhich only causes me to spiral back down into old programs.
I totally get that self evaluation, introspection a and diving into those painful places is part of the healing process, and i honor those brave enough to go there! It is hard work!

However, I am no longer a victim to my past and it is time for me to focus now on what I desire without those past limiting beliefs holding me down.

The BIGGEST accomplishment for me has been finding emotional balance and stability within. There is nobody outside of myself i can rely on for that. It is an inside job.

It is extremely freeing and empowering being in control of ones thoughts and emotions, as opposed to being led by them!

We must constantly challenge ourselves to a higher state of consciousness if we want to expand, grow and evolve. I am still a very deep feeler and a very emotional woman, I always will be! However, I have learned that allowing myself to be controlled by my emotions is extremely destructive and has caused me more pain and suffering in my life than anything.

Eventually I came to realize I can be both emotional, and logical, open and guarded, impulsice and wise. This is balance, and it has always been my deepest desire to find balance.

I judge no one for where they are on their personal journey, however just because I don’t bare my soul to the world in a highly charged state of emotional intensity any longer does not mean I lack authenticity, or that I am part of the cult of positivity or in denial.

We can spend our entire lives (i did most of mine) running in circles, jumping from one healing modality to the next, while jever actually achieving healing. At some point ya gotta take the leap and live it!

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