Diary of a Death Midwife

I was called in today to sit with a patient who was extremely agitated, and unable to communicate what exactly was causing their distress.

It is like I must play the role of ‘mother’ and find the source of discomfort.

It always amazes me how people return to such a vulnerable state at the end of their lives.
How much they rely on others to offer them comfort and care.

My job is to find and meet their emotional needs, whatever they may be. It is an extremely intuitive process. They often speak only through eye contact and/or body language.

My person was afraid, and as a result retless and agitated.

Dying is an entirely new experience that we only (most of us) experience once. So full of unknowns even for people who have strong faith in something beyond this life.

I handed my person their blanket, stroked their forehead and sang to them, much the same way I have with each of my 5 children.

Isn’t this what we all crave at the deepest level?

Presence, connection, comfort, and love.

Each, such primal needs, beyond mere desire.

Such a beautiful, rich experience ❤

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