Health and Fitness Update

For those who were following me on facebook before I deactivated my account, I wanted to share a progress report on the physical element of my healing.

As you all know, i take a three pronged approach to healing.

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul

A few years back my health began to decline rapidly. I was borderline diabetic, had dangerously high blood pressure which brought me to the ER on numerous occasions.

Diabetes and heart disease both run in my family, and I became determined to avoid both by radically changing my diet and lifestyle.

I lost 30 pounds, and began living a more active lifestyle, including rock climbing with my 5 year old. (Don’t worry nothing dangerous.) More challenging hikes, daily walking, etc.

I feel healthier now at 49 than I did in my 20’s!

There have been a few bumps in the road as far as maintenance. But i am working out a way of eating that fits me and my lifestyle.

It has been a year and half since i took back my health.

I have been off all meds with the exception of blood pressure meds, however I am on an extremely low dose.

I basically follow a modified ketogenic diet .

  • Healthy fats
  • Moderate protein
  • Low Carbs

Feeding my body healthy food greatly improves my mood, and positively contributes to my emotional well being.

Sorry about the cheesy selfie. I take very few photos of myself these days and when i do it’s usually a quick snap in front of the ole mirror after getting dressed.

Anyway…yeah, there’s my update for all who were wondering how this aspect of my life was going.

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