Mental Diet [Ramblings]

As I have faced the fact that in order to remain healthy and fit I must stick to a certain diet that works for my body type. I just feel better on all fronts when I am feeding my body wholesome, nourishing foods.

And now, it is becoming equally clear to me that I must also stick to a wholesome, nourishing MENTAL diet in order to manifest my desires and achieve my goals.

Our thoughts truly create.

I have observed this time and time again over the course of my life. It all begins within. We change our own perceptions and the outer lines up with the inner. We are always creating with our beliefs, thoughts and desires, yet we can choose to become more deliberate in what we create.

If our inner dialogue is negative, and we focus our attention on all that is wrong we will continue to manifest more of the same.

I have tested this over and over.

We are the creators of our own epic stories.

We create first by determining what it is we desire, visualizing what it is we desire, and taking INSPIRED action.

We are conditioned to believe that we must bust our asses, and strive for what we desire, but the truth is, if we align ourselves, our thoughts with those desires consistantly, ignoring the current evidence, what we desire flows to us.

So, mental diet is important, as it keeps us in alignment with our desires. It requires discipline initially to change old, familiar thoughts into new, positive thoughts, but the more we replace the old with the new, the new becomes the more ‘real’ of the two.

I have used mental diet to manifest weight loss, money, reverse aging, and so much more.

This is where the mind component comes into play in the ‘mind, body, soul’ healing modality.

It is also worth mentioning the importance of filling our minds with content that is in alignment with our desires. I myself have chosen to stay off of social media for a while as it tends to fill my mind with trash, and mindless chatter. I am becoming very selective in what I choose to allow in my head.

Just some ramblings here. All part of my personal journey.

Here’s a a nice little youtube video, explaining mental diet on a deeper level.

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