Weekly healing update

3 months, 3 weeks in and I’ve hit a 20 pound weight loss!

Let me begin by saying that I follow a whole food, healthy fat based pseudo keto diet. I originally started this way of eating to help ease joint pain and inflammation in my body, and to take control of my adhd symtoms and thyroid, not to lose weight. The weight loss has been an added bonus.

I am not in the camp that eats large amounts of cheese (I rarely eat dairy) unlimited amounts of bacon, pork rinds and the like. As with any diet, it must be sustainable to me long term.

Let me share with you what a day in my keto life looks like.

Breakfast- I drink a bulletproof coffee every morning.


12 oz fresh brewed organic coffee

1tbs organic cocoa butter

1tbs MCT oil

1 scoop collagen peptides



Sometimes I’ll have a few eggs and bacon, a bowl of grain free porridge made with flaxseed, hemp seed and chia seed with almond meal or a grain free, flaxseed muffin dipped in virgin coconut oil and pink salt. But usually just the coffee until lunch.

For lunch I’ll usually have coconut encrusted oven fried chicken, sliced and served over a bed of fresh spinach with homemade ranch dressing. I make my own mayo using avocado oil every week and from that create various high fat dressings to pour on my salads. Or I’ll throw a plate together made up of leftovers from the week, like this one.

Leftover roasted chicken slices and natural dry Italian salami with
homemade avocado and MCT oil Mayo for dipping, and some yummy mixed olives and grape tomato from the deli.

For dinner I might have a few slices of pot roast which I make early in the week, and some oven roasted broccoli which has been drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. I may include a half an avocado or a tbls of dipping mayo for added fat.

I tend to keep my meals simple and consistant.

I sip a homemade electrolyte drink and water throughout the day made with 2 lemons 42 oz water, a few twists of sea salt and stevia to taste, or a I sip on stevia sweet tea with a few this Apple cider vinegar. No diet soft drinks or other diet drinks that contain artificial sweeteners.

For snacks I will eat pork rinds dipped in mayo, mug cakes made with organic cacao powder, nuts, a few slices of sugar free dried Italian sausage or pepperoni without nitrates.

So far my bp has been high normal but still dropping, my labs are perfect, glucose stable and full of energy and mental clarity.

Physical: I am at the 20 pound mark!

I’ve had a few dental issues this week so have not had as much energy as usual. But the mental clarity is there and the weight coming off.


I feel extremely balanced emotionally. I am realizing now had sugar affected my moods and how carbs zapped me of energy. This week I recognized something huge… We cannot seek in another person that which we never received from those closest to us growing up. And the thing is we must grieve the loss of that which we never received. I am learning in an even deeper way how to meet my own emotional needs.


I am learning to flow with life as opposed to fighting my way through every perceived obstacle, it’s just smoother. I am learning on a deeper level that each of us have the ability to create that which we desire in life it’s all a matter of aligning ourselves with the truth of who we are and what we are capable of. Many of us have been victimized throughout our lives bit we get to choose whether to remain victims or not.

Until next week, much love ❤

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