Victimhood to Victory

Most of us who have experienced trauma go through a huge portion of our lives taking on a victim role.

Facing our own shadow is terrifying and continuing to blame others for our suffering feels a Hell of a lot safer.

We are the victim, they are the bullies, and we convince ourselves that we are powerless to change our own lives. We give that power away to people who don’t even think about us..or care really.

But then one day it’s like you wake up and realize that no one has the ability to continually harm you, rendering you useless in creatimg a fufilling life for yourself.

You realize that you are your own hero, the master of your own story, your own life.

Then comes the brave act of taking ownership.
Recognizing your own patterns, your own coping mechanisms, your own dysfunction.

As painful as that can be it is the beginning of freedom and your escape from victimhood towards victory.

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