Alone with Self

It has occurred to me that although I made a conscious decision a few years back to spend more time alone and to really get to know myself on a deeper level after coming out of a 22 year marriage.

And then along came socuial media.

I’m not going to ramble on about the ills of social media as that’s been approached already by numerous individuals.

However for me personally, social media turned into an alternative existence.

Most of my closest friendships, as well as potential romantic interests were initially forged through Facebook.

I found myself living a virtual existence for the most part as far intimate relationships/friendships were concerned.

Sure, I still very much enjoyed exploring here in the mountains, splashing in the stream etc. But these were usually activities I did either with my 3 year old son, or alone.

I was recently forced to spend less time on social media, and online in general as I live in a somewhat remote part of the Appalachian Mountains. Lately my internet has been close to dial-up in speed and my 3g data was bumped down to 1x.

I spent an entire day angry and stewing over these two issues until I realized both were beyond my control and that perhaps this was a good thing!

So, here I go! This should be interesting, and dare I say, maybe even enjoyable!

I think I’ll write about my experience here, just as a way to get my adventure ‘out there! I am ready to experience life to its fullest!

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