Whisper Upon the Wind

Whisper upon the wind

Come join me here, love beckons

I tread lightly, afraid, alone

Deeper into the unknown

I travel on

The trees, their branches embrace me
The wind offers soft tender touch
Dew drop kisses upon my brow

In silent comfort I linger
Breathing in the fragrance of blossom and bloom
of life and death intertwined

Amethyst, emerald and warm amber
Precious jewels soft, assuring whispers

I embrace the mystery, trust the pain of transformation, seek wisdom, welcome renewal.

In quiet solitude I am grounded to earth

In sweet simplicity, I bow in reverence to such generosity.

Endurance to journey on

I rest in this place, my heart has found safety

My soul has found home.

~Amalia Yosefa

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