Crystal Inspired Soap

Winter has always been a season that sparks creativity in me. I suppose it is due to the fact that everything outdoors is brown, gray and drab, and i crave color as well well as aromas that remind me of warmer months.

I spend much of my time creating bath and body products to sell in my shop as well as my online . I so enjoy creating things that engage all senses. 

Here are a few soaps i have created lately based on my love of stones, gems and crystals.

I made this soap woth a clear olive oil soap and embeded scraps from various soaps i made last week, then hand carved them into crystal shapes. Infused with smoked patchouli. 

I again used an olive oil base and mixed my colors using natural dye. I layered the colors in a silicone mold and took my swirl tool to create natural imperfections between the layers. I imfused the soap with vanilla and rosewood oils.

Again, using an olive oil base i embeded pieces of cit soap scraps into the clear base. I infused tgis one with an essential oil blend of ylang ylang, rose and vanilla.

Each soap is created to assist in bringing balance and enjoyed during bathtime as part of a bathing ritual and meditation.

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