So many of us give up on our dreams prematurely because we either resist, or grow weary during the gestation period.
It occurred to me this morning that when life (passion) is sparked within the womb it is an initial merging of two separate ‘elements’ a sperm and an egg. These two elements join together creating a third element, this third element is then planted deep within the darkness of the womb where it will grow, and form into a thriving new life form.
It is in the darkness of the womb that it is nourished and nurtured, under the protection of mother. It does nothing but receive, grow and rest.
As it continues to grow it begins experiencing the constraints of its environment eventually, it is now way too large to be held in darkness any longer.
And with a sudden gush, the waters are released and this life is pushed down through the darkness of the birth canal and at long last brought into light. (Realization)
How often we rush this process. Through pain and discomfort, ups and downs, fear and anticipation we want what we want and we want it now! Yet if born prematurely , this new life, this third energy would fail to thrive when faced with the external elements outside the womb.
We grow so weary and impatient during this gestation period and through striving try to  birth our dreams too soon for them to actually come into the physical and thrive. With all things in life that carry deep value, there simply must be a time dedicated to growth and nourishment. And as impatient as we might become during the gestation process it is an excellent opportunity to dream, to visualize exactly what it is we desire and to simply allow ourselves to gain greater wisdom for the coming journey, our journey home to our most authentic selves living a life of purpose and passion.

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