Happiness-Look Around

​It has been a challenging few weeks for sure. Health issues, sickness, finacial fears, uncertainty, you name it.

Then something caught my eye during my morning commute. It was a twisted old tree surrounded by jagged, rather large boulders. The sunlight was hitting it perfectly and i literally gasped when i saw it. I tried to take a picture but there were cars behind me and I was running late.

In that moment my mood abruptly shifted and my heart swelled with gratitude. I suddenly got it, just like that. We can spend our entire lives waiting for happiness, for joy and end up disappointed over and over again when it does not come to us. No, we don’t wait for it to come to us, those are merely little surprises, small gifts, we must look for it, seek it. We must search for it in our daily lives, be it a tree, a smile, a cool breeze on a warm, humid day, a childs laughter, a delicious meal, a hug from a loved one. 

These are the sparks, the keys that unlock those places in our hearts that bring joy, deep, profound joy. And then this sense of gratitude opens us up to even deeper meaning, deeper blessings.  It’s all around for those who have eyes to see and who are willing to embrace within that sense of childlike wonder ❤

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