Home-Shelter from the Storm

​As i drove down the winding mountain road to town the other day the sky quickly darkened as gray storm clouds rolled in followed by heavy rain and wind gusts.
As i turned a bend, sitting atop a hill sat an old, simple white house with a wrap around porch. I could see the warm light illuminating through the windows creating a sense of safety, warmth and comfort, shelter from the storm.

The longing for comfort beneath the roof of this simple home increased until it felt as if my very soul was being pulled from my body in a desperate attempt to join and connect to another part of itself somewhere out there.


And now, days later, this image remains. The world can be so harsh, filled with uncertainty and sudden change. When i find myself feeling unsettled, afraid or alone i return to this image as a source of comfort.

Sometimes we need something tangible to embrace. Something seen, felt, touched, experienced. Something that bridges what we feel inside, the unseen to that which is experienced on the outside. The feeling this image evoked remains and centers me when anxiety and uncertainty hits. A gift that i alone embraced in such a simple intimate, yet deeply profound moment.


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