A New Garment 

​It isn’t what we DO, or accomplish that defines us,  it’s who we ARE. 

Embracing who we are in both the shadowy realms of darkness and under the illuminating brightness of daylight.
We are both and, above as below.
Through the long arduous journey through the deepest valley of suffering, to the highest peaks of joy, who have we become at our journeys end?
Have our sorrows birthed in us greater compassion, empathy,  kindness and strength? Have we abandoned ourselves in the valley of sorrow and allowed darkness to consume us, become blinded by the blazing sun choosing the comfort of denial to avoid the fear of night?
Each and every part of our journey carries deeper truths along the way; from bloody battle ground to quiet moments of rest and recovery beside still water, we carry each and every experience within us as we make our way back home, delicate threads now intricitally woven together into a garment of strength, beauty, and quality of character. Once stripped naked and exposed, we now find ourselves clothed in a new garment of our own original design.
We then offer our experiences to others through living our passions, our purpose creating fertile ground for connection,  inspiration and ultimately healing.

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