The {epic} Heroes Journey




The Heroes Journey-

This is not an easy road and there are few who will answer the call, why? Because the heroes journey requires one to walk away from everything that represents security, safety and comfort. The heroes journey is often triggered by some great, yet painful catalyst where we are given a choice, we reach a fork in the road.
A step out onto the road, a leap off the cliff into the great unknown, where one is required to walk completely by blind faith, where all that is visible are the steps right in front of us.
This is terrifying. But something in us realizes that this journey will lead us to our true calling, our destiny our life purpose, and as frightening as it is we know there is no turning back once we take those first few steps, that great leap..

To remain in a place of familiarity, comfort and safety eventually becomes torture as our soul cries out for freedom and purpose, depth and truth.

We become freedom fighters and experience through this great inner battle great loss, perceived betrayal, lonliness, grief, fear and isolation. ‘The dark night of the soul.’
We see this Heroes Journey depicted in literature and on the big screen(Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Beowulf , Wizard of Oz, etc) and we recognize these themes in our own lives. The question is, will we answer the call or live a life of safety, dying inside and eaten away with regret and despair.

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