I choose to jump

“Sometimes you just have to jump out the window and grow wings on the way down.”

-Ray Bradbury

At some point in our lives we come face to face with fear. Old fears deeply ingrained in us. We find ourself standing at the edge of a proverbial cliff. We realize to jump would mean we risk falling, becoming completely broken.
We look back into the darkness, a darkness that has become agonizing, yet familiar, and for years, often times the better part of our lives this darkness, though miserable has offered a certain level of comfort. We know what to expect, there’s certainty and familiarity.  Yet it has left us numb, dead inside.
Do we take the risk? Do we leap?

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”

I would have to say yes! Although leaping off into the great unknown is terrifying, it is also exhilarating! It becomes a leap into deep freedom we never would have known had we chosen to remain in darkness.  As we leap, we learn to fly, this takes time, strength and perseverance.  But we eventually find ourselves soaring higher than we’ve ever dreamed possible. Learning to fly can be awkward and messy, and there are times we find ourselves longing to return to that place of false security and familiarity upon solid ground even though we know we never truly can go back.

But as we continue to fly, eventually we find rest upon solid ground once again. And this is where we learn to walk. This is the begining of a new journey for us.

So when given the choice, I’d like to encourage you to choose the leap.


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