A few thought on the ONE this Valentines Day

A warm body does not equal happiness. Wait for the one, the one who:Embraces your quirkiness 

Is willing to walk by your side through the good and the bad times

Isn’t afraid to cry with you

See the beauty in you, when you struggle to see it in yourself

Makes you laugh

Who you can be silly with

Who you can have deep conversations with at 3am

Who makes you a better person by their simple presence in your life

Who you can share anything with, free of judgement
Wait for the one who:
Makes you feel as if you’ve never truly known love, until now

Makes you feel safe when your afraid and confused

Has proven their faithfulness in your life

Encourages your passions, dreams and vision
Wait for the one:
Who ignites passion in you, a passion that grows over time

Makes love to your body AND your soul simultaneously 

Supports you in your endeavors 

Who can forgive and offer patience when you are afraid and make stupid mistakes 

Who continues to love , and patiently stands by your side. You see, many of us have never known what it’s like to be fully loved, it’s so new to us we must adjust and slowly let it in. 

A best friend

And when you find this one, please, don’t ever let them go. True love is so very rare, yet so many choose fear over love. I never want to choose fear again. I choose love and won’t ever settle for a warm body. 


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