A message from the Woodpecker 


I decided to brave the elements this morning and enjoyed my coffee on the covered porch. There was a quiet stillness in the air as I breathed in the cold mountain air. SuddenY the silence was interrupted by the hammering sound of a woodpecker echoing through the woods. Immediately I began hearing her message, almost as if it were a form of morse code, a message being sent to me directly. I came back into the house to warm up and made my way upstairs to look up the symbolism of the woodpecker. A welcome message to be sure. 

  • Balance
  • Progress
  • Signaling
  • Returning
  • Protection
  • Initiation
  • Attention
  • Prophesy
  • Listening
  • Opportunity
  • Discernment
  • Communication
  • Determination

Native North American wisdom recognized the protective home-based themes of the woodpecker too. Prairie tribes had a myth that the title of protector of humankind was once vied for by the turkey and the woodpecker. The woodpecker won the title because of her ability to make such marvelous nests wherein the spiritual seed of humankind would always be sheltered from predatory threat.
Further, the symbolic meaning of woodpecker indicates a return to our roots, or having trust in our basic (gut) feelings. Dr. Carl Jung observed the woodpecker as a symbol of a return to the womb of creativity. In this observation the tree is symbolic of a womb; earthy, grounded, sturdy and secure. The woodpecker’s home within the tree is analogous of a fierce determination to return and protect that which is sacred to us.
Also, the symbolic meaning of woodpecker deals with progress because she doggedly hammers at her purpose.
What came to me immediately is the fact that the woodpecker must ‘dig deeper’ in the winter for food. Those tasty insects are no longer right below the surface. There are many layers to penetrate before being rewarded with food and satisfaction. Winter has always been a season of deep reflection for me. In the quiet stillness, free of distraction we have the opportunity to dig deep and discover those hidden morsels. 

-Guidance From the Woodpecker-

  • Fly back to our roots.
  • Shelter our wisdom from predatory threat.
  • Nurture our ideas in the womb of our core passions.
  • Communicate our ideas in more creative or non-traditional ways.
  • Stop and consider the opportunities available to us at this time.
  • Look at projects in unique creative ways to bring new life to a project.
  • Use our heads (intellect) to think up innovative solutions to overcome barriers.
  • Listen more clearly to subtle energies, there is a message that only our intuition can interpret.

Info on symbolism found on whats-my-sign.com

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