On Grief-Allowing Ourselves to feel it all

The only way to fully heal from our deepest wounds is to allow ourself to fully feel the grief.
We are wrongfully taught to suck it up and move forward past pain, yet this mindset leaves us in a state of stagnancy.
Through silent meditation we give space and honor to our painful emotions without judgement or definition.
We simply feel
For many of us, I think our greatest fear in allowing ourselves to feel our pain is that we might fall so deep into the abyss that we’ll remain there, unable to recover.
And yes, part of this journey involves seasons of darkness, this is never our final destination.
Eventually we find the strength and courage to look up and we are met with a glimmer of light; and like water to our thirsty souls we embrace it once again and find ourselves experiencing a deeper sense of joy, unlike anything we’ve known before.

2 thoughts on “On Grief-Allowing Ourselves to feel it all

  1. Lovely article- it’s been 4 months since my father passed and I feel as though some people in my circles think I should have moved past my grief already. I wish everyone would realize that there is no time table for grief and people should grieve as long as they need to, without pressure from those who managed to “get over it” more quickly,

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