She is the kind of woman who exudes strength to overcome, joy in the midst of adversity, and a certain magnetism that is both intriguing and often times intimidating.

She is the woman who loves herself completely, free of regret, free of excuses. Her past failures become her most valuable lessons.

She leaps,  boldly into each and every moment with an open heart, vulnerability, and flows freely in her emotions. In doing so she often faces the harshest of critics. 

She embraces her feminine qualities fully without apology. She takes the road less traveled to remain true to herself, her nature, an often lonely road.

She frees herself from an ego based nature that society tries to place on her to perform, produce and conform. She lives and breathes her personal truth.

She plunges deep into self expression, a  place of personal power and inner bliss, fully alive, fully present.

She recognizes with crystal clarity that she must first come to embrace and celebrate herself completely as opposed to searching for completeness from anything outside of herself.

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