Please don’t ever settle for good enough

In order to live the lives we desire we must first ask ourselves exactly what it is we desire most. So often we settle for careers that are unfulfilling and dead, relationships that lack depth of connection and passion and we remain stuck in old ways that no longer feed our souls.

How sad it is to settle for something unfulfilling and live with a constant yearning for something better, something of value.

Fear keeps us from obtaining that which our hearts truly desire.

We get lonely and settle for mediocre relationships.  We live in the future creating scenarios in our heads, which keep us stuck in miserable careers.  

The most fulfilling and soul nourishing lives carry a sense of risk and uncertainty. They often require a leap of faith and determination to keep going even when all seems lost. 

By living in the present moment we learn and grow exactly where we are, and we begin to watch the magic unfold. And suddenly we find ourselves receiving all those things that once seemed so out of reach.

Please, don’t ever settle.

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