Once upon a time…

Old souls crave old souls to connect with. We see deep below the surface of mere existence. We carry within,  stories of ancient times and distant lands.  We meet here to relive old memories and share our stories one with another in soft whispers that speak deeply into our wounded hearts.


We all want fairytale love. Tales of old brought to life. Only we want the happily ever after without the struggle, the conflict.

What we often overlook is the happily ever after we desire obtains it’s sweetness through the bitter struggle, the seemingly impossible odds and the greatest obstacles.

The transmutation from bitter to sweet is the agonizing space few care to acknowledge. A place of no longer, and not quite yet.

This is the season of preperation, the agonizing emptiness of unfulfilled longing that haunts us at the most inopportune times. This can become a place of our greatest creation. It’s a long, painful journey through the dark wood of our very own soul, navigating through the shadow land into unknown territory.  

And just as we begin to fall into the deepest depths of despair, as the final spark of hope begins to quickly fade we are greeted by the rising sun, illuminating through the twisted woodland branches. Stepping out barefoot upon the open meadow , greeted by a vast array of wildflowers in joyous celebration of our triumphant entry as if expecting us,they dance wildly in the wind.

 With newfound hope we dare to look up once again under the warmth of the tangerine sun and find ourselves alive and renewed as we gaze deeply into the eyes of our beloved. We have arrived home at long last.


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