Ebb and Flow

Ebb and flow-
The flow…

We release ourselves into the current/ we jump in/ weightless it carries us to places beyond our natural understanding/ with little effort on our part we rest – Senses alive, colors so bright, love so deep, we trust a power so strong, we are weak under the strength of the current, yet we trust

The Ebb…

We stand,  exposed.

Waters retreat,

naked and alone.

No longer weightless, a sense of heaviness falls.

Confusion sets in – we stand alone on the shore.

What if the two are actually part of a greater whole?

Each ebb and flow part of a beautiful process,

A journey to deeper understanding,

An unveiling of our true selves?

Eventually we realize the fear and uncertainty during the ebb

bring a deeper appreciation,

an awareness of the beauty,

the freedom

the peace

 of the flow. 


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