On Receiving 

I love this Paulo Coelho quote. How many of us spend our entire lives dreaming of success however we might define it, love, purpose; and then we find it and we have no idea what to do with it. 

So we run

We run as fast and far as we can back to that old ‘comfort’ zone of perceived safety.  Yet we quickly realize that nothing will ever be the same, we cannot tuen back to a previous life without being haunted by discomfort and discontent. 

No, once we’ve tasted all else tastes bland in comparison.  I came to realize recently that I had a deep rooted fear of success, of achieving my dreams. How will I maneuver this new path void of longing and nagging? When presented with opportunity and success how will I feel deserving enough to openly receive it? There’s this nagging little voice that whispers in my ear “who do you think you are? What makes you think you deserve this?”  And then of course the fear…

Fear of loss

Fear of failure

Fear of not being good enough

Fears that try to keep me locked into a pattern of complaisantsy and discontent.  

How will we respond if big love enters our lives? Big opportunities come our way?  Do we choose safety and run back to that which is familiar and empty, or push forward through the fear and embrace the gifts presented to us?

There’s just no easy answer. But as I always say, I would much rather face the terrifying unknowns through wobbling legs and trembling hands then spend the rest of my life with the haunting pain of regret.

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