I Embrace Love and Light

Last night after the days activities came to a close, I went up to my bedroom to enjoy some quiet time with a hot cup of tea and some light reading.I was having a difficult time concentrating so I placed my book down and began lying in stillness. I awoke around midnight and sat at my little altar to quietly reflect and pray.

I reflected on all the people I love. Those I’ve loved and lost, those who have stood by me during my darkest times, those who’ve moved on or who I’ve had to move on from. Tears filled my eyes. So quiet and peaceful in this moment. I began releasing people and situations one by one, offering love and blessing their way. I released old thought patterns and beliefs, old fears and anxieties and welcomed the new on this night, this night of the return once again of the light, from the darkness.
Love and time invested in the lives of others is never lost. You see love is a force unto itself. It’s not ours to give or receive we simply choose to share it or block it. I’ve chosen to share it with many. 
My heart began to feel lighter as I blessed and forgave those who have hurt me, I asked forgiveness of those I have hurt. 
Aren’t we all doing the very best we can? Few set out to intentionally harm us, and few of us intentionally try to harm others in our lives, we simply give into fear as opposed to love. Just as love is a powerful light force, fear is a powerful dark force and is usually at the root of division among those we love. 
And then we guard ourselves through pride and self protection. 
I want to be an extreme lover. I can no longer walk in fear which only divides. God help me to simply love. Without out expectation help me to love.
I basked in the present moment, took in the overwhelming love that surrounded me and embraced me and sent it back out to all those in my life as well as those perceived enemies. This being human is so complicated. We complicate it. 
However, this day, I choose, with my whole heart, my entire being LOVE.  


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