A few months back I had a wonderful experience. As I was picking my son up from the sitters, I turned onto her road and caught a glimpse of three horses grazing in a field. I was drawn to the paint as I, myself owned a paint Mare ‘Angel’. During my divorce Angel and Jasper were boarded at a neighboring barn. It was just too much work for me at the time. I was hoping to bring Angel and my daughters horse Jasper, a little Morgan gelding back home. However things didn’t calm down and I could no longer afford to care for them. 

I let the owner of the stables know that I was looking for a home for them.  He found one and sent me the contact info. Somehow in the craziness of life I lost the info and the owner of the stables had relocated. I never had a chance to say goodbye…

As I drove past the field, I took a closer look at te paint and was stunned to see the familiar heart shaped marking on her side, to my amazement I realized it was my Angel! Scanning the field I then saw my little Morgan gelding Jasper grazing close by! Tears filled my eyes as I got out and said hello to them! I spent a few minutes with them. Angel, still as feisty as ever and Jasper his usual chill self. 

This paint mare Angel taught me so much. Most of all she taught me patience. She is full of fire and stubborn as can be. She challenged me regularly. Perhaps we were just too much alike đŸ˜‰  she always helped me face my fears. She was extremely unpredictable and and constantly pushed the line with me and tested my patience on every level. However, we both had an understanding.  Through all the frustration and battles of will, in the end we spent many a day riding along the woodland paths together, both too tired to fight each other any longer.  I came to respect her wild nature . 

She was still my Angel girl. She kept everyone in line on the farm, including the psychotic geese. It was a sweet reunion indeed.



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