Don’t be Afraid-Just Start Creating with what you Have

I’m going to be honest.. I am terrified of paint brushes. While facing a blank canvas, paint all laid out, swirling images and ideas fuled with emotion circling around in my mind, I go to grab a paintbrush and suddenly just freeze.

To overcome this blockage, I started painting with my hands. The feel of the paint on my hands, rubbing up against the canvas acts as a distraction while releasing me from that ever annoying infj perfectionism bs.

Some of my favorite pieces were created this way. However I started becoming a bit frustrated that I couldn’t add as much detail at I’d have liked. So this idea came to me to make my own crude brushes out of materials found out in the woods on my property. 

The search in itself was both inspiring and thrilling. Off I went collecting twigs, evergreen, moss, bark and various grasses. After assembling them the kids and I had at it.

What a lovely experience it was, and very non threatening. I also found it interesting trying out the various brushes while creating woodland pieces. 

Go ahead, give it a try! I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy yourself!


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