By the Waters Edge

Mmm, this so resonates with me…just beautiful!




a place where i can hear the birds singthe wind whispering in the canopy above

a place where the water ripples over

small stones and rocks

in the stream of my ancestors

a place where the breeze
brushes softly

through my hair

caresses my face

a place where i can

hear my heart beatin’

see my soul runnin’

through the woods

along the stream

and just for a moment

for an instant

or maybe

for the afternoon

sit for awhile

by the water’s edge

with You

talk with you

not about anything

in particular

just sit with You

here among Your creation

and listen

to the birds above

and the wind in the trees

and the water rippling by

and all the while

with You

by my side

~ poem “By the Water’s Edge” by Michael Traveler, author of THE SPIRIT RISES

Art by Robert Duncan

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