Woodland Magic-On Soap

Into the woods–you have to grope, 

But that’s the way you learn to cope. 

Into the woods to find there’s hope 

Of getting through the journey. 

Into the woods, each time you go, 

There’s more to learn of what you know. 

Into the woods, but not too slow– 

Into the woods, it’s nearing midnight– 

Into the woods to mind the wolf, 

To heed the witch, to honor the giant, 

To mind, to heed, to find, to think, to teach, to join, to go to the Festival! 

Into the woods, 

Into the woods, 

Into the woods, 

Then out of the woods– 

And happy ever after!” 

― Stephen Sondheim, Into the Woods

    I made soap today. Lots and lots 😉 this blend was inspired by the magic that is the winter wood. 

Woodland Magic (soap)
A rich, earthy blend of oils (Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedarwood ) and the slightest essence of floral in a base of Castile, bentonite healing clay and matcha green tea extract. Naturally dyed with bentonite clay, matcha green tea and organic, unsweetened cocoa powder. What a lovely experience it was 🙂

Btw, you can purchase it here is you wish.  

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