Wild Mustang and Horse Whisperer-Part 2

If you’ve not yet read part one of this series, you can find it here

I have had about 4-5 dreams throughout my life that I just knew carried deep meaning. I keep a dream journal on my nightstand and try to record these dreams whenever possible. I have found that they give me great insight, acting as ‘keys’ unlocking deeper mysteries.

I shared a dream earlier this week about a beautiful love and connection between a wild mustang and a horse whisperer. This dream was not only vivid, in full color but highly charged on an emotional level.

Something that really stood out in my dream was the deep love the horse whisperer had for this wild Mare. I felt a deep sense of acceptance on the whisperer’s part of her wild nature. Not only acceptance but reverence, respect and honor. He fully embraced and enjoyed her wild nature, yet had an innate ability to work with her wildness from a secure place of love, trust and respect.

How many of us ‘wild women’ have been told time and time again (or implied) that we are too intense, too emotional, too unruly? This has created in many of us a deep sense of shame regarding our feminine qualities and we’ve often felt a need, as a result of this shame to water ourselves down, resist being authentic and true to our nature. We fear scaring others off if we choose to fully embrace our wild feminine nature. This fear is usually connected to deeply rooted fears of rejection and abandonment.  So we sell ourselves short and settle for relationships that are ‘safe’ and suppress our wildness in order to gain the approval and acceptance we’ve failed to receive in the past.

By wildness, I am not referring to a woman who is fully lead only by her emotional intensity. She must, in fact reach a place of balance within first and foremost. Balancing her innate feminine qualities (emotions) with her masculine qualities (logic).  And man, must master this as well. This balance brings a relatedness to our connection , two balanced individuals , creating a solid relationship based on mutual understanding and respect.

Towards the end of this dream, this intense passion was ignited in the horse whisperer toward me. It frightened me initially and my reaction was to run. That wild mustang nature within frightened me and I wanted to flee. He then harnessed his energy and balanced it with understanding and tenderness, securely tapping into his feminine qualities (emotions) , and I felt safe once again.  I avoided reacting in an emotionally charged way, but tapped into my masculine (logic) and expressed my fears in a calm, rational way which in turn made him feel safe.

We met and honored one another through this process, it was beautiful to say the least.

The message here? It is crucial that we seek balance within first and foremost. We must reach a place of fully embracing our masculine and feminine qualities but create space for growth and expansion.

Relationships are like a dance. A mutual give and take. Fine tuning our connection with others to meet one another in such a way that we work with this flow of ever changing energies as opposed to resisting them and fleeing when discomfort arises.  A dance of ‘coming together ‘ and ‘giving space. ‘ Because although we must work together, we must also work independent of one another, reaching a place of autonomy as well as connectedness. This space can be a difficult dynamic if we are not secure within ourselves, solid in our autonomy.

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