Wild Mustang and Horse Whisperer-Merging of the Masculine and Feminine.

I had a very vivid dream the other night that I’d like to share, it involved a wild mustang and a horse whisperer.

I was out in a large field where I came across a black and white wild mustang.  She was running free through the fields. I felt compelled to follow her. She lead me to a large, warm barn. As I entered she had run into the loving arms of a horse whisperer. I stood there and watched this exchange for quite some time.

This horse whisperer had a certain confidence in how he interacted with the mustang. He was strong, secure, grounded and knew exactly how to calm her. He exhibited a deep inner strength.

Suddenly a overwhelming sense of love and safety became the focus. I watched as he gently touched her face, her body caressing her tenderly. Looking into her eyes,  with a warm smile and softly spoken words.

What stood out most was the emotional connection shared between the two of them. His masculine energy was harnessed and balanced with his free flowing feminine qualities, he confidently expressed. both aspects. The warrior side of him was utilized and channeled into strength and confidence, yet he calmed her, not through force but gentleness, connection and love.

He became a safe place for her. She trusted in his masculinity and strength, his patience, understanding and solidity. She was instantly tamed. She was tamed because she trusted him. Was she still a wild beast? Yes! It wasn’t her nature that changed it was her perception and understanding.  He embraced her wildness, even respected it and honored it, he didn’t force her into submission, he didn’t instill fear in her through force to obtain the desired result. A fearful animal will eventually submit, yet a fearful animal is unpredictable, unstable and will react at the first sign of perceived danger. Mutual submission and honor through love and connection, patience and consistency creates an atmosphere of safety and security. She rests in this place.
I think we can learn much through the symbiotic relationship between horse and horse whisperer.

 The true feminine is wild and free by nature, ever changing like a flowing river, wild with her emotions, intuitive and expressive.

The masculine by nature is steady, earthy, grounded and in control of his masculine energy. He simply has learned to harness it and redirect it in a way that brings solidity and strength.

What I saw in this dream was a merging, a blending of both masculine and feminine energies within , then a manifestation of balance in outward form. A merging of spirit and mind, body and soul.

Both were well aware of each other’s strengths an equal exchange; through this process a relationship was formed, a deep connection full of passion, love, consistency, confidence, trust, communication (even without words) and eventually safety and security.


The Connection Within-via Pinterest


Women, we must learn to feel safe in the presence of the masculine warrior, we must embrace and fully accept our feminine wildness. This means all of our emotions, fears insecurities and freedom. While he may appear to threatening, he invokes strength and confidence and steadfastness in us.
Men, in turn must learn to harness their intense masculine energy and properly channel it into inner strength and confidence. Men must come to embrace and accept their warrior nature, their fear of being overtaken by the wild feminine, and trust that while she might appear threatening, she invokes passion and tenderness within .
In the Native American tradition, a warrior and his horse were inseparable; in battle they fought together as one. Each in tune with the other’s spirit, they shared the Heart of a Warrior.

Wild Mustang and Horse Whisperer Part 2


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