Beauty in the Mundane-On Crafting Soap

Sometimes I feel like an outsider. I so enjoy my quiet, peaceful life here in the mountains. One thing I’ve become much more aware over the past two years of escaping the rat race is this deeper sense of appreciation for the simple things. In my previous life I rushed through everything, trying to cram it all in. Now? I am more mindful of even the most mundane. I take it all in and learn so much much from the seemingly small tasks.

I spent the morning making soap. My son was down for his nap and the house was just so quiet. As I prepared the soap, carefully measuring out all of the ingredients I was mindful of the textures and how each new ingredient reacted upon contact with the other; somewhat resistant initially, and then the merging and flow until each separate ingredient became one, in perfect balance. As I added the essential oils of frankincense, Myrrh and cinnamon I deeply breathed in the aroma, first of each oil, and then the combined essence of the three. With appreciation and a warm smile I thanked Mother Earth for providing the plant based colors I carefully blended to create just the right shade of greens and rusts. Berries of Elder and Juniper strategically placed along the top. 

A complicated process…..yes, yet a choice to be made, labor of love, creating something beautiful that not only reaches within the walls of my home, but countless homes throughout the country, perhaps even the world. 

How we set our eyes on end results and often times miss out on the process.  It’s in the process that we become more aware of each nuance, each subtle change, reaction and flow. We often loathe the moments of process in our lives, rushing through, eyes fixed on the result and often times find ourselves somewhat empty in the end. A sort of anticlimactic conclusion that leads us further along on our search for fulfillment.

 As I set the soap molds atop the worn cherrywood windowsill, beneath the ecru antique lace curtains I paused and with a sweet sigh was once again reminded of the depth of beauty and richness in the seemingly mundane.

And of course, the finished product is always an added bonus 😉

Cypress, white Tea Elderberry dye made from dried, crushed Alffalfa.

Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon white tea, dyed with ground annato.

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