The Child Within

Perhaps this journey, after all is circular in nature. We spend the first 40 years of our lives becoming; successful, wealthy, beautiful, educated, committed. We strive for some ideal that seems just out of reach. We stretch, we bend….then eventually

We break

Love lost, success fleeting, beauty fading

We find ourselves longing for something more, for simplicity once again.

And then, a new journey begins. A journey home, a return, once again to our true selves.
Who were you before others told you what you were supposed to be? What was it that stirred passion within and brought you to a place of feeling fully alive? Perhaps this new journey is about returning, once again to our childlike nature, a return to innocence, wonder and joy.

Those who have spent time with children recognize a sense of wonder, excitement, a world of endless possibilities. They’ve not yet been exposed to disappointment, fear, deep loss or perceived failure. Their world is one of optimism, fairy tales, and endless possibilities.

But the sad reality is these qualities are viewed as weaknesses and slowly, through life’s ever increasing demands we kill those childlike qualities within and settle for a life of emptiness, drudgery and misery. And we call this living? We merely survive.

Perhaps our true destination, our journey home is all about embracing once again the child within, and trusting the simple message we hear, the truth long buried and forgotten. A merging of childlike wonder and excitement and inner wisdom obtained through our initial journey through adulthood. Our perceived failures and disappointments transmuted, empowering us to become whole once again with a childlike optimism to live true to ourselves at all costs.

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