Journey into the Dark Night-The Shack

This journey began for me with a dream. About ten years ago, I was faced with some big decisions in my life, I felt empty, like I was dead inside. I knew there was more to life than what I was currently experiencing, I found myself longing for home, although I had no idea what that even looked like or where it was, or if it even really existed.

In this dream, I found myself alone, standing in the dark at the foot of a large mountain.  I was given two options in this dream and decided to follow the path up the mountain, alone. I began walking in the dark afraid and alone when suddenly the moon appeared. It shone down upon my feet allowing me to see only a few steps ahead. A voice said ” just follow the light”.

As I ascended up the mountain along this rough, dirt road, I knew there were dangers on both sides of the path, hungry bears and wolves. I could hear them in the night, yet the moonlight offered comfort as I journeyed along. I knew if I’d strayed from the path I’d be eaten alive.

I suddenly came to a small village. On my right was a small cafe. People were sitting outside drinking, eating and laughing. They were wearing fancy clothes, expensive jewelry and elaborate masks.  A few of them motioned for me to come join them. Although it was tempting, being weary from the journey I knew I had to continue on.

A bit further along, I again looked to my right a saw an old abandoned factory of some sort. This time I decided to leave the path and go in. I remained there for two years until I began to feel the pull once again, the pull to return to the path.

Every now and then when fear would overwhelm me, I’d hear a voice say “just follow the moonlight at your feet, one step at a time”. I was growing weary and lonely.  The longing increased as I journey on, and kept me going whenever I became discouraged and weary. Home, that was my destination although I had no idea what or where that was.

I found myself , once again in a small town, a ghost town. A large wagon wheel was embedded in the mud along the path blocking the way. There was no way around it. I began crying in frustration as I desperately tried to move the wagon wheel that was obstructing the path. I finally collapsed from exhaustion.  The voice spoke once again, this time it said “rest here”. I sat and rested for what felt like a few years. I cried tears of anger, frustration and grief here, lonely and isolated. Suddenly when I felt as if I couldn’t stay here another moment the ground shook and the wagon wheel began to move. It slowly rolled off of the path and I was free to journey on. I looked ahead in the dark night and saw a light in the distance. I knew I had to get to the light, I knew I was close to home. As I walked along under the full moon my anticipation grew, imaging what home would be like. I picked up my pace until I found myself at the top of the mountain at last, looking down upon the valley below where my journey had begun. I moved closer to the light, which I now recognized as a porch light and I was greeted by a homeless man.

He  was skinny and frail, wearing clothes that were way too big for his small frame, and a dirty baseball cap. He looked at me with his piercing , crystal blue eyes that seemed such a stark contrast to the rest of his appearance and with a near toothless grin smiled at me and said “welcome home beloved” He pulled a golden key out of the inside coat pocket of his tattered old blazer and handed it to me pointing to the door of the run down shack in front of me.

I was overwhelmed with disappointment, anger and frustration. I had left behind safety and security for this? This is home?  “Open the door” the man said. I placed the ornate golden key into the lock on the door and gave it a turn. I opened the door and could not believe my eyes! The walls, floor to ceiling were lined with the brightest golden keys. The golden light radiating off of them was so bright I could hardly see. And then, a sense of peace and love like I’d never known before overwhelmed me. I was home at last.

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