Yesterday as I was waiting for my prescription at the pharmacy with two of my boys I had two very sweet encounters. For the past two years I’ve pretty much been a recluse. My pregnancy was challenging and I became very sick, it’s taken me a year to recover.
Being a HSP/Empath I just could not handle much outside energy or stimulation. I had to focus on regaining my health and taking care of my home and children.

It has been strange getting out of the house and around people again after nearly two years with little social interaction. What I’m finding is I’m seeing others in a completely different light. I seem to be so much more aware of subtleties than I was before.

There were two people I connected with today. Both older women in their mid to late 60’s.

The first woman was a bit rough around the edges. Messy hair, suntanned skin, jeans and a dirty t-shirt. Our eyes met and I really got to ‘see’ her. I immediately felt connected to her as I saw sadness in her eyes. She stood there cold-faced, watching my son Sterling closely who was paying for my prescription. He handed me my card back and the woman commented on how nice it must be to have a son you can trust.(he typed my PIN number in) we made some small talk and her entire demeanor changed, she was now smiling ear to ear. For a brief moment I could feel her loneliness. She had the most beautiful smile hidden under that sadness 🙂

The other woman worked at the pharmacy. We talked briefly about canning, simplicity and family. She unknowingly reminded me of the value in the small things and had such a calm, peaceful presence.

As I was driving home reflecting, I realized how so often we go about out day and miss these connections. We become so busy, lost in our own little worlds that we miss these opportunities, these connections which are such precious gifts. I gave this day, but I also received. The trick is to remain present. We really are all connected.

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