Where have all our stories gone?

I have little access to the media. No cable, an internet connection so slow and inconsistent that I can’t even really watch the news online. There seems to be this major disconnect between us as a society presently. I’ve asked myself why we have this strange fascination, even addiction to media, and the answer I found is that at the core we all seek connection. Connection to something bigger than ourselves, we crave stories. We have hidden our stories from each other, for the most part we’ve lost touch with our collective stories and the media has provided us a way to fill the void.

Through the ages storytellers invited others into their stories through art, literature, music and the very act of storytelling itself, provoking within the community connection through dialogue, creating an atmosphere conducive to the sharing of our own stories building a deeper, authentic sense of connection.

Many of us have lost touch with our stories by taking on roles placed upon us through a system of control and conformity. We are presented with stories, for the most part through the media that attempts to further solidify these false roles so that we will more effectively continue to feed the machine

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