Sweet Release

Lovely early morning walk along the property with baby boy in tow. Bird watching, meditating by the stream. What a truly magical little piece of paradise we have here. The purples and golds are making their annual appearance, giving us a glimpse of Autumn, of transition.

The early morning mist was rising up from the earth up into the bluest sky. I felt a tremendous sense of release. Such a soft letting go, no fanfare, no thunder claps or lightening bolts, a simple rising into the limitless sky.

It has been a very emotional week. But this morning I found peace once again. I realize now that the sense of urgency I often experience is fully fear based. No, this chapter is not yet closed. I found myself deeply reflecting on my life over the past 5 years, a season of great turmoil and heartache. I’ve come out the other side at last.

I run….when I’m afraid, I run. But the truth is, I can’t can’t run from what’s deep inside of me. Instead, like the early morning mist, rising from the earth, I gently, effortlessly, let go.

These past few days I’ve raged, I’ve cried, deep, deep cries. It was as if something outside of myself was forcing me to face my fears, the deep ones. For such a moment as this



This morning as Baby boy and I sat in the early morning sunshine and walked barefoot in the dew covered grass, dipped our feet in the stream and watched the birds playfully circle around us, I had a very deep awareness and a strong sense that all is well indeed. Now is the the turning point, the manifestation stage.

It’s been inside of me all along. I know what’s true and what’s to come, but somehow, at this very moment it feels tangible.

Happy Sunday everyone ❤

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