On Becoming

The past few years has been all about finding myself once again. As young children I thing we instinctively know who we are and as we grow older we tend to complicate things. Social pressure, people pleasing, and the big one; choosing fear over love.  Fear of not being enough, failure, not being able to support ourselves and our families.

We eventually take on a role of who we are ‘expected’ to be, always on some level. Our inner truth slowly gets pushed back down and we become one, living amongst the masses.

Yet deep inside our inner child lies dormant, just waiting to be resurrected once again. Our inner child, such an imaginative creature.

Maybe awakening is more about becoming more in tune with that child once again. But so many of us have been hardened by the stark reality of a very cruel world.. Until, something happens. It can be as simple as falling in love, discovering a renewed interest is something we were once passionate about, it can be through a series of losses.  Hope is renewed once again and we find ourselves feeling a need to protect this inner child, fight for her.  Children can become our greatest teachers if we are open. The look of wonder in a child’s eyes, their unwavering faith and deep belief in magic.  We brush them off as naive, immature, but maybe we are the ones who who are disillusioned.

i am slowly finding my way back to the dream state, embracing my inner child once again. The girl who was never affirmed, viewed as ‘too emotional’.  I want to be just like her when I grow up.image

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